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Monday, September 21, 2015

No Need to Fear

Hey Family!!!! :) :) 

Right off the bat Im going to say that we are 100% fine!! :) Everyone is a little shaken (literally and emotionally) but other than that nothing happened :) The epicenter was far enough away that when it hit us, it was strong, but no damage occurred :) 
So I'll give you the details on where we were. We had been passing by the homes of various members asking for references and telling them about the activity the obra misional is putting on in the ward this friday. It had been raining on and off, but we had been lucky that everytime it rained we were inside a house, and just as we left the houses it stopped raining. It was about 8 at night and we stopped at the house of a member whose mom has alzheimers to see how she was doing.  We were sitting on the couch talking with them, accompanied by bebida (of course) and the sound of the rain pattering on her tin roof. All of a sudden, we felt the floor start to shake......not like shaking Ive ever felt in California, rolling like if your on a roller coaster. Teresa froze and said "theres an earthquake" and started having a bit of a panic attack. Usually temblores only last a few seconds, but this one kept strong for what felt like a minute...the whole time our bodies visibily moving in a counterclockwise swivel. As time went on, Teresa started panicking more and more and told us that this was how the earthquake in 2010 started out. The rolling passed, and it was actually a really cool experience considering that to us, the earthquake was really smooth and nothing eratic. We had no idea how big it actually was until we got calls from the members telling us the details. Our Zone Leaders called us later that night to make sure we were all okay, and to make sure our emergency backpacks were ready should something else happen. Nothing else happened, but it was heartbreaking to hear the next morning about the tsunami that hit afterwards and the damage that was caused in other parts that were not as fortunate as ours. 
It's times like this when I feel so lucky to have the gospel in my life and the assurance that all will be alright, especially the protection that comes from being someone who not only has the gospel but also lives it. Hna Teresa had a little panic attack during the earthquake, and the only thing we told her that calmed her down was the fact that Hermana Flores and I were there, and because of that we promised nothing would happen to her or her mom. 
In the scriptures it talks about disasters both natural and social, and how mens hearts will fail them. Things like earthquakes really put into perspective and help us remember the role that the gospel has in our lives. That by being true followers and having the name of Christ written upon the fleshy parts of our hearts (2 Corinthios 3:3) and keeping our covenants we have no need to fear that which is to come because we have the sure promises of the Lord. I know that there are many other things to come, not necessarily the shifting of tectonic plates, but also the shifting of social values and things of similar nature. I am so grateful for the eternal principles Ive learned here on the mission, that I'll be able to carry and defend for the rest of my life.
<3 Hermana Temple

Monday, August 10, 2015

Prophetic counsel from conference proven in Rancagua.

This has been a really crazy week. We had some troubles here in the sector, and thanks to those problems, Im heading all the way on the other side of the mission to Talca in a sector called La Florida!! Never thought the mission would send me to Florida but Ill be leaving tomorrow morning and on a bus for about 5 hours to get there :) My new companion will be Hermana Flores from Peru who has 6 weeks out in the mission field so that will be fun and am so excited to work there!! 

I was studying a little bit more about the priesthood, and came across the scriptures in D&C 27 where it talks about the Melchizedek priesthood, and about the armor of god. We had talked to Nicolas about htis armor only a few days before and I hadn't noticed at the time that this chapter talks about the priesthood. I was thinking about the relation between the 2, and remembered the talk by Linda K Burton this last general conference thats says (something along these lines in english) That there will be a time when the only thing standing between us and the adversary is the power of the priesthood. This week has been a real tesimony builder as to the realidad of her prophetic statement. I can't go into specifics, but this whole cambio there had been little occurrences concerning us and men folk in our sector, and this week something a little more drastic happened. The only thing that prevented anything serious from occuring were the elders in our barrio, and promptings that we received from the spirit.  I can't even begin to emphasize the importance of people in general constantly living worthily to receive those promptings, and the importance of priesthood holders acting on those promptings they receive and using their power to administer and help those that they have charge. 

Lucila came to church yesterday and is counting down the days til her baptism. She hasnt' smoked in over 2 weeks, and it has been amazing to see the change in her from the moment we met her to now :)  I cried when our district leader told us the cambios, because I have grown to love the people here in Villa El Sol so much, and the time here has passed entirely too quickly.  Hermana Smith is going to do great carrying on the work, and will work miracles with her new companion. 

<3 Hermana Temple

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Monday, July 20, 2015

The key to successful families

Hey mom, dad, and boy!!! :) 

I cant believe another week has gone by!! To fill you in on some things that have been going on: 
Martes and Viernes we passed and started teaching an 8 year old named Nicolas. He comes from a part member famly and the obispado asked us to start teaching him the missionary lessons to work on preparing him for baptism along with his family! He is such a sweet little boy, and I am amazed every single time we talk with him how much he understands about the gospel. No wonder the kingdom of heaven is likened unto them. They have such sincere desires to learn and to do what is right, I need to be more like little Nicolas!  It melts my heart everytime we ask him questions and watching his eyes light up  with excitement as his talks about his desires to follow the example of Jesus and wanting the gift of the holy ghost. Parents have the responsibility of teaching their kids the gospel, what a sacred and precious opportunity. :) 
Viernes (en la tardecita): We passed for the Family Matus. They are less actives that we had been working with along with the elders (they wanted us to help with the mother and her daughter specifically) and last week we attended the funeral of the Hermano :/ That was difficult, and brings up a whole different set of thoughts, but I want to focus on the beauty of the atonement. We talked to Hermana Matus, and it was amazing to see her heavy burden she felt being gradually lifted as we talked about Christs sacrifice for us and that she didn't have to pass through it alone. The atonement is real. 
There have been so many cool studying and learning experiences this week but one thing I have been thinking about is the importance of the family and covenants. We talked to Berta this week (wife of victor who didn't really like us) and she really opened up to us and recounted some problems that she had had in the past and pains that she had. FYI Victor is still in the south. The problems mainly had to do with the family, and so my companion and I studied more about how the gospel blesses families and specifically how making covenants ties into familial (is that a word?) happiness so that she would understand maybe a little why we want Victor to be baptized. I went back and studied the general conference talks from the women's conference in Abril and the Familia Proclamation. En the proclamatio its bien claro of the sacred nature of marriage and that it is something intended to last forever. FOREVER. The family is of God, and he wants us to be united as man and wife, and between man wife and the Lord. There is a list in the procamation of the things we need to do to establish a successful family. This is the well known list of 8ish things that is usually written on the walls of living rooms or framed in fotos. ¿What does this list have to do with covenants? EVERYTHING. When we make covenants through baptism and in the temple, we promise to strive every single day to be disciples of Jesus Christ.  If we take this promise seriously as we should, we apply the teachings actively in our lives. If we really apply them in our lives, we will automatically do the things the First Presidency has outlined on the list of how to have a successful family. A disciple of Jesus Christ will actively strive to excercise their faith, they will recognize their reliance on the Lord and pray daily, they will be compassionate and loving as they strive to see others as the Lord does, they will forgive and seek forgiveness, they will put their best effort in all they do, and find positive outlets to enjoy their time with their family and help them grow. The MAKING and KEEPING of these covenants is the force that binds families together and por eso they are fundamental in the gospel of Jesuscristo. Covenants are the key to our progression now and in the eternities
I am so grateful to have been blessed with an incredible family, and to be sealed to them now and forever :) Keep enjoying your summer vacation!! 

Hermana Temple

Monday, June 1, 2015

Hermana Celebrates her 20th Bday in Chile. Her home ward sent her these for her June 2, 2015 BD. She cries.

I also got the package last week, but will open it all tomorrow :) The pictures alone are more than enough, thank you so much :) 
I actually didnt hear that Elder L. Tom Perry died until I read dad’s message.  I am so sad that we won’t be able to hear from our Apple Annie.   (Family name because of his accent)
So, the days are winding down untiL you get to go on your cruise!!! Being able to visit and get a Book of Mormon perspective would be so cool!! ( Mayan ruins in Mexico) Take lots of pictures!!! It will be interesting to go there, and then as you reread the book of mormon have a better idea of how the places actually looked. It will be easy to liken the scriptures and imagine yourself actually being there. So lucky :)  Are you going to try and go on some more in the future?? 
Sorry I dont have a ton of time to write this week because of birthday emails, but I will tell you more next week! 
Thank you so much for everything and for being the most incredible parents ever. I don't know how I got to be so lucky.  CANT WAIT TO HEAR More from you and see more pictures :) ))


Im a city mouse now!!! My new sector is only a few minutes in bus from the center of Rancagua! Its been nice though, because the first day I got there I was able to get the Liahona of General Conference and have been able to finally read the messages! :) :)  
MY new companion is Hermana Williams from Colorado. She has one cambio less than I do one the mission and was training to be an MMA fighter so you can rest a little easier knowing Im walking around with her 24/7. She also kind of looks like Anna Kendrick. Madre to answer your question, Im still a coordinadora just for the zone here which is Tupahue 1 (the other was Santa Cruz)  and from what I understand, Ill be coordinadora till the last cambio of my mission which is what President Warne does with the Zone Leaders too.
It was weird changing after being in the campo for so long, and I felt awkward seeing so many cars and walking inside the houses here.But one thing did stay the same, mate. Hermana Williams and I are mate buddies every single day because she drinks it too so that made the adjustment alot easier :) We live in a really nice apartment in the city, and at night we can watch soccer games from our balcony. I took pics but forgot the cord so Ill send them next week :) 
The WARD Villa El Sol is great, and I absolutely love everyone Ive been able to meet so far!!! There are so many that have been asking when they can acompany us on citas and are constantly giving us all manner of things for example we walked home with a zapallo (pumpkin type thing) last week to make sopaipillas and 63646374 bags of cookies because a member didnt want us to be hungry. Members here are crazy for missionaries. Some things have been difficult adjusting to, but overall I feel like Ive entered the promised land.

Part of our mission is coast, in Pichilemu and Constitucion so we got to conocer the beach a few weeks ago! :)
Cant believe boy has almost finished his school year!!! :) How did he do?? I want to hear him play the violin!
When will you get the results of your saliva test? At least it's easy to treat, and you have a funny husband which should make it that much easier to recover. :)
I am so excited for you!!! Take lots and lots of pictures of your trip!! He is really good at it, and I think he really likes doing it too. He gets so excited to have an itinerary and to tell us what we are doing step by step :) Youre going to go see some gators???? And snorkeling??????? That sounds like so much fun!!!! Is boy excited to stay with Dylan for more than a wekk???
OH before I forget! I went to use my ING card the other day to purchase some Chile things (la copa america is going to be partly here in rancagua so they have tons of cool things) but the card expired in Abril so I can't use it now....I dont really know what to do. PEro, para que sepan I cant get to any money right now that I have :p But please tell them  (Grandma and Grandpa) thank you so much for the money!!! I haven't gotten a package or anything yet from you guys, but that's okay because its the best being able to hear from you every week :) :) :)
You are almost done with LDM???? What did you find this time around reading it?? :)
H LEAnNE PRICE IS PREGANTN?!?!?!!? NO ONE TOLD ME THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's awesome she finalllllly got  a baby shower, that family gives everything!! Still can tbelieve she's pregnant!!!

(They were at Taylor Thomas's Missionary Farewell)   Mr. Dang and Mr Fisher are awesome teachers (SRA), and they helped me in so many ways I cant even express enough gratitude :)
I really want to hear or see a picture of boy playing the violin. What a cool skill to learn....and girls only want to date guys that have skills!!! (napoleon dynamite)  ;)
Yeah that would count as one of our investigators, and Hermana Hulick has promised to send pictures, love her :) Love you mom, and glad that the temple home is winding down and getting ready to have an amazing summer!!!!!!!!

(May 18, 2015) Hermana shares a refining experience, leaves Chepica and leaves Sister Hulick. Lots of pictures included.

This week has flown by entirely too fast, but then again thats pretty much how every week in the mission is! 
I just want to share a quick story about something Ive really learned this week. We have been working really hard to try and find new investigators, and in knowing who to help the ones that we have now progress, specifically Rosa who has a fecha for the 6th of June. 
As a mission, we received the desafio to read the Book of Mormon all the way through, and one day I was continuing my reading in Alma 8. This is one of the go to chapters when people talk about missionary work. But the part that really stuck out to me more than any other part, and unlike it ever had before. In verse 10 it says that Alma fervently prayed that the lord would shed His spirit upon the people in Ammoniah.  I thought more on that scripture, and that night for the first time prayed specifically for the spirit to be upon the el pueblito de Chepica. 
The next morning, Hermana Hulick and I prepared for the day as usual and then went out to work. We had been contacting in a poblacion when we remembered a futura that had said we could pass by that lived close by.  We went and she was home. She warmly greeted us, and after a few minutes small talking it up, we asked if we could pass and she let us in. We talked to her some more, and got to know a bit about her story. Towards the end, she started saying "I'm going to be honest with you, Im catholic...." and usually when people start that way it's because they are about to kick you out of their house, but she continued. "Im catholic, and I never ever let missionaries pass by my house, jehovah witnesses, evangelicos, mormones lo que sea........but when you passed by, something told me and I felt that I just had to let you in". We asked her what she thought it was that told her that, and she responded that it was God and that He was telling her to listen to our message. We talked a little bit more about the Holy Ghost and  because we were pressed for time to go to another cita we testified of the holy ghost, prayed, and set an appointment to return the following day. I can't even begin to explain to you the excitement we felt riding away!!!!!!!! :) : ):) 
The next day came, and we prepared again this time by reading in Alma 18 and the chapter in PME about the Book of Mormon since we both felt we should share that with her. She wants to know our message, and the Book of Mormon is the keystone of it. When she comes to know that that's true, she will be able to know of a surety that this is the restored gospel. We got to her house, and after starting she told us about this peace and tranquilidad she had felt the day before with us that she had never felt before in her life at any other place, and that she hungered and longed to have that feeling with her again. We told her of our purpose as missionaries and testified that the things as we share our message and as she acts according to her faith to see if it's true, she will be able to have this feeling more through the power of Holy Ghost as it testifies of its truthfulness. We then talked about the Book of Mormon and she shared some more things with us. At the end as we committed her to read it, I made some comment based off things she said earlier that she likes to learn and to read. She quickly said "I like to learn, but I DO NOT like to read; but I feel I NEED to read this book and I have to read all of it". I really wish I could share more of what happened but there's just not enough time. 
I realized that morning in our studies in Alma 18, that in the next chapter it says in one of the verses no me recuerdo which, that ALma saw that the Lord had shed His spirit upon the pueblo according to Almas prayers, and I can testify that this is not merely a good story in the book of Mormon, sino something that ACTUALLY happpens in our days and that has the ability to change our lives now. In my time in the mission, I have never been in a lesson where the new investigator was SO sensitive to the promptings and fruits of the spirit and had such desires to act. This was a huge testimony builder to me that the Lord is in the interworkings of our lives, and that He is shedding His spirit upon those to receive His message, and then when we sincerely desire to find them, He will lead us to them :) It's been a huge trial of faith in Chepica, but I now have an UNYIELDING testimony that not only is He there, but He is my faithful friend. This has been an eventful week in the growth of my testimony, and in participating in this beautiful work here in Chile :)

It was also my last week in Chepica. We received cambios on Saturday and Hermana Hulick is staying here, and Im off to Tupauhue (basically Rancagua and about 30 min away from Machali) in a sector called Villa El Sol.
I hit the lowest points of my life in this sector, but through this fire of afflicion I have been able to learn for myself the miracles of the atonement, and have received a sure knowledge of the reality of Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father. 

I am heartbroken to leave mi compañera, but it's okay because I know that she is going to do amazingly well here. She knows the sector, is getting a great companion, and is armed with a burning testimony and desire to bring others to Christ :) I love you and can't wait to hear from you next week!!!! :) 

On Mon, May 18, 2015 at 3:48 PM, Dominique Temple <> wrote:
I would send a normal picture when we are all jumping in the air and smiling, but we just couldn't make it happen after 10 attempts :p I have learned so much from the hermanas here in Santa Cruz, and am so lucky to have had the chance to get to know them :))) Para siempre Dios este con vos :)

This empanada shack makes THE BEST empanadas de horno I have ever had in Chile and they only cost 500 pesos (75ish cents). We bought empanadas de pino every saturday as we waited for the bus to visit Hermana Lucia. 

La capilla in Chepica :) 

I love you and can't wait to hear from you next week!!!! :) 

Hermana Temple

Monday, May 4, 2015


​Pretty much all of my favorite things!!! Thank you so so much!! But, the letters were still my favorite part of the whole thing :) And thank you boy for putting in the magnetic hair toy, the elders played with it for a solid 20 minutes :p 

​There's dogs everywhere in Chile, but I guess like people hangout in groups with people they like and in 
places they like, dogs do the same. Every poblacion has dogs that are there all day everyday even though they dont technically belong to anyone. This one is Hermana Hulicks personal favorite.  
And we have a mama dog and her puppy that live on our street  :) 

​Made tapatio quesadillas right after we had our package opening party.......I almost cried out in pure joy it was SO GOOD.

    Presidente Salinas also freaked out with the BYU shirt and couldn't thank you enough. Thank you so much for sending that in the package :) :)

  This is what Chepica looks like in the Autumn :)   And the haziness is from the volcanos that are erupting in the south of Chile about 500 miles from here!!!  



The volcano is all anyone has been talking about here!! Havent seen any pics of it, so thanks for those. Floods in the north, Volcanos in the south. Everyone here in our missin is holding their breath to see what happens to us in the center of Chile :p Chepica is pretty far from the volcano, but there still a perpetual haze here from all of the ash and dirt! 

Its been cooling off, but have still been keeping warm at night with our caliente camas and normal pjs. It will get cooler but Ill let you know if I need to buy anything :) 

Holy!! Mom I need more pics of Boy!!! He has gotten big!! His face is changing and he has gotten taller! 

Well dad said the new girls (chickens) will get bigger than the old ones so maybe Gracie and Erika are just enjoying these last moments of superiority :p Hahaha I can just see in my head you and dad exchanging that eye glance in a sacrament meeting!! 

What projects have you been doing to help the people with JustServe? :) Aww your kids!! You will probably get invited to their graduations just saying :) I used to be super jealous but now I get it :) You were an amazing example of christlike love for those you serve and I didn't see that. Sorry for giving all the crap about them before. I hope I can make it up to you!!! 

I'll send an emali to Mikaela, but I am a little sad that I haven't received any news from her at all these last 9 months not even about her engagement. Hope her wedding is as amazing as she has always wanted it and that she will soak everything thing in about the happiest day of her life : ) Being sealed to the one you love for time an all eternity only happens once!! :) Can't wait to see pics, she'll be the most beautiful bride ever :) 

So what is sleep apnea? Just fancy name for not being able to breath at night?? Haha oh how the tables have turned!!! Dad might make you sleep on the couch like grandma Mary does with Grandpa Rich!! ;) 

As for skype, it depends on if you want saturday or sunday :) Personally I think sunday would be better at around 7 here, 4 over at your time :) I love yo so much!! 

Love you mom!!!! :))) 


Hermana Temple

Excerpt from Hermana Hulick
"In other news, we had another death this week. That makes 3 funerals in 12 weeks. Do you realize that? Even more, she was our only worthy, endowed hermana. She was something over 90 years old, and her husband is something over 100. We don't know exactly because the records say they are 89 and 96, but we know the records (something something, piece of paper--I don't know how it works here) were done when they were about 8 years old. They don't normally come to church because they can't make the trip, so the Elders were taking the sacrament to them. Anyway, because there isn't anyone else who's worthy, Hermana Temple and I, with the help of Presidente Salinas (her grandson), had to put her in her clothes. Can't say I expect to ever do that again, but I guess we'll see. And for the first day or so, I don't think the husband understood what happened. So we got to be a part of every step of a Chilean funeral. Can't say the same about an American one. I didn't think it was sad. She was old. And it was time for her to rest. But not all of the family is lds. The sweet woman and her husband were some of the first members here. He was the first branch president here. They used to set up one chair to put the sacrament on and had church in a house. And she's an amazing woman. She gave birth to 21 kids. And no, I didn't mistype that. But only 9ish of them surgived to adulthood. But not all the family is still active. So there was a lot of crying. So that was awkward."